Info at Bayahibe, Dominican Republic

BAYAHIBE: It is a small fishing village with one of the most beautiful beaches and the sea around.
Surrounded by coconut palms and dense tropical vegetation. From their small sailing dock, the boats go directly to the “Parque Nacional del Este” and Isla Saona. (One of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean). 20 km from the Roman and 30 from Higuey.

How to get:
Departures from Italy: Rome, Bologna, Milan charter flight (direct) Neos, Blue Panorama, Livingstone La Romana, Punta Cana.

How to move:
The local media are called “guagua” and can be real buses equipped with air conditioning and video screens for long trips, even a small minibus that carries double the covered groups, for short trips.
In Bayahibe there are links every 20 minutes to the Romana, about 20 km away, at a cost of 55 DOP (Dominican Peso) and for the call of the Dominicus area (25 DOP). Twice a day you can “find transportation to Higuey or other cities”, which is 30 km from Bayahibe, and ‘can also be taken from motorcycles that make public transport calls “motoconcho”, are recommended for short trips (for example, to and from the Dominicus Bayahibe) the cost varies depending on the distance and the people who are charged (up to two)

To see:
The town of Bayahibe is the Caribbean Sea and the destination of almost all maritime excursions to the islands of Saona, Catalina and Catalinita as the only starting point. Among the various excursions that are offered there ‘what it takes to visit the point where they found the remains of the ancient people who lived here before the Tainos. You will see the tomb and a reconstruction of the remains found, the original ruins are on display in the Tainas art museums. Besides that, you will always see at this point, the Bayahibe rose, a native plant and a unique example in the world.
Still in Bayahibe you can visit the “Manantiales” small freshwater ponds that reach the surface and where the locals go to cool in their crystalline waters. Nearby, on the other side there is an opportunity “to visit the Our Father cave, on the outskirts of Bayahibe, which is accessed with horse, or in motoconcho, and for lovers of follow-up, walk to the part of the front where you can enjoy of a refreshing bath in its springs.

In the restaurants of Bayahibe you can “enjoy everything from local rice dishes, beans with chicken, beef or pork, here it is called the “DOMINICAN FLAG” at a very popular cost. a dish that is accompanied by salad and a drink so you can ‘pay in 150 pesos (about € 3). With the arrival of foreigners, mostly Italians, who settled in this area, they have also affected Italian restaurants and where “you can eat pasta dishes as if you were in Italy. Of course, do not miss the fish-based cuisine: like ours, so the Dominican Republic can meet the needs of all tourists who pass through here. There are also small places for the sale of takeaways called “PICA POLLO“, which has the ‘popular dish’ which is only fried chicken, which is usually accompanied by yucca or boiled potatoes or other cooked or raw boiled vegetables. The restaurants can be found with sea views or internal between the dirt roads of the small town. Among the various restaurants is the “well-known, MAMMA MIA (Italian cuisine) only prepares pasta dishes, salads and sandwich dishes, esclusivo in Pasta this is the largest in the area !. BARCO BAR, is a restaurant and Bar (Italian cuisine), one of the most beautiful places, with incomparable sea views !. You can try your main courses of meat and fish, in the morning you will prepare an ‘excellent raw breakfast with croissant, cappuccino and fresh fruit smoothies that you can enjoy while sitting watching the sea. MARE NUESTRO, the most exclusive restaurant in Bayahibe, a place to discover … A unique place to eat and drink unique and quality products. A restaurant facing the sea where the atmosphere and service will make your experience unique.

Classic departures to Saona Island by catamaran every day from Bayahibe catamaran speedboats. A trip where we stop at the natural pools to swim and see starfish. On the island we have a buffet lunch, and entertainment for lovers of dance, hammocks, masseuses, paintings for sale, among others …

Saona is located in the Caribbean Sea, in the extreme southeast corner of the Dominican Republic, is an island of the Antilles of 110 km ², about 22 km long and 5 km wide at its widest. It belongs to the province of La Romana in the Dominican Republic. mostly flat, it is a protected area and natural sanctuary of the Parque Nacional del Este, established in 1975. It is easily accessible from Bayahibe, a small rural fishing community. The population is around 450 inhabitants, which is mainly in Mano Juan and to a lesser extent in Punta Catuano; They live mainly from fishing and sale of souvenirs for tourists. Saona represents one of the most popular excursions for those who stay in Santo Domingo. The island is often described as a typical “Caribbean paradise”, with large beaches of white sand and crystal clear water, and has been used as the setting for numerous shots with a tropical environment.

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What you need to know about Dominicus Americanus:

The Dominicus Americanus is a residential area just minutes from Bayahibe.
Here in this area, in addition to the most well-known locality, Viva Dominicus, a residential area has developed in a European style, the integration of the Dominican culture. In a few years this area has been transformed, becoming the pride of this island to the east.
Always in development, the neighborhood is becoming year after year, increasingly in a small Caribbean-European town. Many are the mini-Market, bars and restaurants. Among the most popular entertainment place at night, is a fabulous casino with the interior of a beautiful nightclub – KVIAR, and also a traditional nightclub PIT STOP, Bayahibe carrettera.