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Open House / Free Visit

The new way of selling a house

Open house, the new way of selling, buying and renting a house

What is the Open House? Literally it means "free visit of properties for sale or for rent". It is an innovative system, widely used in America, which is spreading in Europe, and now also in Italy. Our friends from the Italian home stager association invite you to an Open House Event in the historic center of Dominican Republic

Starting from April 2018 the Dreaming Caribbean real estate has married the DramingCaraibi Real Estate franchise, with the aim of being in the world of real estate in the Dominican Republic the reference point for luxury real estate and customized real estate consultancy

Those who wish to sell the property decide to "open the house" to potential buyers, in a single appointment, which is scheduled for the weekend of 13 and 14 April next, Saturday from 14.30 to 18.30 and Sunday from 10.30 to 14.30 , avoiding setting individual appointments for each visitor. The whole "collective" visit takes place under the supervision of a real estate consultant

This is a unique event that allows you to tour 4 apartments for sale located near the most important monuments in the historic center of Dominican Republic. You can choose the apartment and when to visit it, by meeting the coldwell banker consultants

Benefits for those looking for a home
  • visit of the building without the need to make an appointment, and still have the presence of a real estate professional on the spot
  • possibility of a second visit of the property in the same day, without having to set up another appointment. It often happens that only one of the spouses sees the property first, and then has the need to fix a second appointment, to also allow the partner to view it.
  • more freedom in visits, the owner lets inspect every part of the house without being "on you".
Benefits for home sellers
  • multiple real estate professionals engaged in the same sale.
  • time savings: with the open house all appointments are concentrated in a single day
  • the open house stimulates interest as there is no fixed appointment, but time flexibility
  • guarantee of effective sales communication to all potential customers in the area. About 70% of the houses are purchased by people who already reside in the area where the property is located.
  • helps sell the property faster
  • greater probability of approaching the requested price, as multiple visits confirm that there are more people interested in the property and creating competition

Many companies are relying on events such as the open house to expand their business, improve their relationship with customers and stand out from the competition

Home staging is a related element to be implemented before the event, ensuring greater effectiveness and a positive first impression

To learn more about the open house, home staging and other real estate marketing activities contact home stager dreamingcaraibi.com at info@dreamingcaraibi.com or visit www.dreamingcaraibi.com