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Low-cost real estate agencies


Low-cost real estate agencies have also arrived in the Caribbean, to give customers an alternative to the traditional model of the agency.

Abroad there are already many cases of real estate agencies that operate with a web oriented approach and advantageous rates. The most striking example is DreamingCaraibi , born in Dominican Republic and now also present in the United States and Italy.

At the moment the low-cost real estate agencies are concentrated in the big cities, among which we must mention Homstate, on the market of Rome and province, Homepanda which operates on Milan and its surroundings.

These agencies operate with a different approach than traditional agencies, proposing a fixed fee for the seller instead of the traditional commission, which on average fluctuates from 2% to 3% in Italy.

These realities offer services including property evaluation, professional photo shoot, site plan, promotion on the main web channels and assistance in the negotiation phase.

They reduce costs with standardized processes and consultancy that occurs mostly virtually or by telephone, with the exception of the first visit, necessary for the real estate appraisal.

Going into more detail, let's see how these agencies work, trying to clarify some aspects, considering that each company offers different services and the market is constantly evolving:

How much do those who have to sell pay?

For sellers they offer a fixed rate ranging from € 600 to around € 1,000, depending on the package of services that the customer wants to acquire. Payment is up-front, ie in advance.

There are also options for success fees, slightly more expensive, which require payment only at the time of the actual sale of the property.

How much do those who buy buy pay?

Commissions are different for buyers' customers from traditional European agencies, the buyer does NOT pay commission.

Do they also work for rent?

Yes, some low-cost agencies also have rental services, with reduced prices for both parties involved.

Legal assistance and negotiation

They usually provide assistance throughout the negotiation and negotiation process, assisting the client in drafting the necessary documentation.

Property promotion

Low-cost real estate agencies have the web in their DNA so great attention is paid to the online promotion of ads, through sector portals and innovative tools.

Who will think about the visits?

You will pay attention to the visits, agencies will only collect contacts, filter them and organize visits according to the owners' availability.