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Put your property on the market

Trust is important

Why rely on DreamingCaraibi

Renting your property, whether it is a commercial property or a residence, is an important commitment. Your trusted agent will guide you through the process and help you maximize the return on your property, finding a qualified and reliable tenant.

When you rent your property, there are many factors to consider and guidelines to know. Working with Paola Immobiliare, you will have the best experts in the field to advise you at every stage of the journey.

Some primary factors to consider before putting your property on the market are: will you rent your furnished or unfurnished property? Are you providing additional services? Will you admit pets? (Check the rules of your condominium).

These considerations will affect the price of your property, as well as the condition of the property. With our experience and in-depth knowledge of the local market, including comparable properties for renting in the area, the potential demand for them and the rental price reached, we can help you determine what the current market value should be. rent for your property.

Paola Immobiliare, will contribute to simplifying the entire contractual process, marketing the property both in print and in digital media to ensure exposure to the widest possible qualified public. We will plan and conduct visits with potential tenants and provide a valuable balance sheet. We negotiate on your behalf with potential tenants, assisting you with the task of signing the contract, we will be present in every subsequent phase to ensure a peaceful relationship between the parties.